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Update: we’re still working on turning the domain from what it is now (i.e, a few pages of hastily- and poorly-written lies) to something that the current owners and operators could actually be proud of. That’s the good news; the bad news is that you’ll have to suffer through the content that is already here for a little while longer. Sorry!

However, the people who are currently responsible for these pages are actually well-traveled and interested in exploring the world (and not simply cribbing from the relevant pages on Wikipedia!). We promise you high-quality experiences whether its local travel options, unusual places to see, delicious out-of-the -way restaurants, gifts to buy, and observations of both the world and life that will impact your sense of knowledge and even luck. Yes luck! One of the benefits of living in the modern world is the availability of experiences online. So while we’re en route in Spain, or ensconced on a mountain top in Peru, if the broadband is functional, we can also be searching for “online slots USA” and playing our favorite casino games. All of us here at HowsYourWorld.com are players. Jana is a blackjack ace, Li is the poker dude, and I love the no-skill feature of slots. Be forewarned, our explorations are bound to be interlaced with Texas Holdem and bonus slots. So of course, we’ll be commenting on the best casinos in the real world along with the most enjoyable cyber casino fun.

Because of the number of requests we’ve received, I would like to offer this aside regarding gift baskets. They are easy to create and make all those smaller gifts that you bought on your travels seem more special when seen packaged together in a unique container. Remember, a “gift basket” doesn’t have to be an actual woven basket. It could be decorative hammered tin container, a gaily painted hand made wooden box, or a tie dyed fabric scarf. Those little french macaroons, Swiss jellies, German carved animals, Chinese paper lanterns, shells from the Tunnels Beach, Kauai, Hawaii or volcanic rocks from the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily all of a sudden are seen in a different perspective when tucked into a gift basket. So, be creative!

Also, we plan on offering some truly interesting choices (most of these are okay, but Los Angeles? Really? I mean, no offense to those of you who do enjoy the city, but “Exploring the World” probably shouldn’t mean “exploring prefabricated, superficial, shallow nouveau-riche cities that revolve around the business of mind-deadening, profit-driven exploitation that desperately pretends to provide a valid aesthetic experience”.


Ciao, Nǐ hǎo, Salut, Hallo, Konnichi wa, Hola, Privet!

(translation: I understand just enough to copy the right things off the ‘net!)

>One look at the above list of greetings should give you a taste of what’s on this site. Here at Howsyourworld.com, you’ll find travel information about many exciting global destinations – and we’ll give you insights on best places of interest, dining options, and general country background that will keep you informed…and excited about visiting these spots.

And we’ll also pepper things up with pristine visuals to help move things along.

We’re committed to exploring the world, one continent at a time. And we’re talkin’ first-hand experience – combined, all contributors on this site have spent time visiting most of the world’s continents (excluding Antartica, but there’s still time).

Know that we’re not just some generic travel blog, oh no, we get down and dirty and give you real scoop about these spots. We actively seek out the places that locals go to have fun, so that you might have insight on partying like the natives. After all – we always say – when in Rome…

Check out our pages for exciting places to see and things to do in Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and Los Angeles, some of the most traveled to spots in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. And feel free to comment back with some of your travel experiences.

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