How’s Your World Lately?

Our world traveling has come to a (hopefully temporary) halt for the time being, as you’ll no doubt have noticed. The reason is not hard to guess; like many other people, we’ve been hit pretty hard by the economic climate of the past few years.

We have just returned from Australia where we were visiting distant cousins. The economy and housing situations aren’t any better Down Under than they are in the US and here they are not good. My Australian cousin is in real estate. During dinner one evening she compared the Australian housing market with the US market. She had some enlightening observations.Having looked at the content of her advice site, I would say that it is relevant no matter where you live either there in Australia or here in the United States of America. Her advice regarding noisy neighbors struck a note with us, but anyone who has spent a night in a motel / hotel room with noisy neighbors and thin walls can identify. At least in a hotel room you can ask the management to move you to another room. When the nosy neighbors live next door and own the house, it can become rather miserable unless you take a lot of trips away from home! I also liked her advice about selling one’s home and holding open house events. The house we now own held several open house events when the previous owner was trying to sell. We attended their third open house and placed a bid immediately. And lo and behold, we now almost own our lovely abode. I suspect our visit to Australia will be the last for awhile, but we have lots of pictures and fond memories.

We’re not as bad off as some people; we didn’t lose our house, and our home mortgage wasn’t so bad off that we considered foreclosure rather than refinancing. We both still have our jobs, unlike approximately one in ten Americans.

However, it looks as if our explorations will be limited in scope for the foreseeable future. Instead of Antarctica, we’ll probably visit the in-laws in Illinois. Instead of the Himalayas, we’ll strap on our Sorel boots and do some skiing in Stovington NH.

Please don’t interpret this as bitterness; the US is filled with plenty of beautiful, unique destinations…and obviously we are still among the more fortunate who can afford even these moderate excursions. We thank God that we have only these small concessions, and pray for those who are truly struggling in these dark times.

Nevertheless, this means that we’ll be taking a slightly different direction for this website. Perhaps we’ll blog about the places we intend to go rather than the places we have visited. There are all sorts of things we can do, and as usual, nowhere enough time to do it all!

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