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Ah, Europe. Paris, the city of lights and love; Rome, the city of passion and pizza; Berlin, an exciting hub of culture, politics, media, and science – or even more succinctly, city of beer and bugs. Bugs! Don’t ask. Some say that Paris is THE treatment for low libido and well as reviving a cooling relationship or starting another. If you do decide to try the later, just be smart and safe. Recently a friend returned from Paris after spending two exhilarating weeks with a lovely young lady that he met on the plane trip to France. However, once he returned home, sans young female, he began to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. He didn’t want to go to his doctor or a clinic for an std test, but opted for a third option: looking up a site online that offers at home tests to diagnose for stds. Of course the caveat is: if you test positive immediately see a doctor AND if you test negative but symptoms appear and persist, go see a doctor. Fortunately for my friend he tested negative, but the uncertainty did put a slight damper on his Paris trip memories. But obviously not that much of a damper since he is already planning another trip to the “City of Lights.” And then there are those people who are concerned that they need a change to feelings of low libido. Now I can’t specify off the top of my head any robust scientific studies to buttress the argument that Paris is the solution, whereas there is scientific data that says bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may be the answer for low libido. Quite frankly, I think a combination of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and a trip to Paris is the best solution!

As a worldwide travel destination, it’s no wonder that Europe is the most traveled-to continent. For many, Europe is a chance for many Americans to seek out their ancestry and get that much closer to the trunk of their family tree; for others, Europe represents a cultural opportunity too good to pass up.

If you can’t afford to take this trip this year, start saving your money until you can. Or if you need to go sooner, and you have a steady job, go for one of those for cash advance payday loans and take advantage of the benefits inherent with your employment. Payday loans are not accessible in Paris so your best bet is to get one in the US before you leave. The strength of the dollar makes this trip well worthwhile, and as long as you intend to return to your job, then an advance against your steady income is not irresponsible. And might expedite your trip to the city of lights.

Here is a glimpse into one of the Europe’s most beautiful city.


Paris is teeming with life. This dazzling city is sectioned off into 20 distinct arrondissements – each with its own look and feel. Here are just some arrondissement highlights:

* The first arrondissment is the geographical center of Paris, and is home for some of Paris’ most famous spots, such as the Palais du Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens, and Place Vendome. For shopaholics and gormands, Les Halles is the place to go to.

Palais du Louvre
Palais Du Louvre

* The fourth arrondissment is noted for its free-thinking diversity and feel. At its center, its cosmopolitan soul is largely made up of Jewish, artist and gay communities.

* I absolutely LOVE the fifth arrondissement, for its sheer diversity and artistic / intellectual feel. The Latin Quarter is home to the Sorbonne University, and this section positively buzzes with a mix of students, professionals, commerce and tourists. You’ll find hundreds of bars, restaurants and bookshops here.

Latin Quarter

* The sixth arrondissement is an extension of the fifth, albeit a more chic, artistic and dare I say even more intellectual one, especially around Saint Germain des Pres, which is home to many art galleries, cinemas, bookshops, interior design shops, restaurants and bars.

* The ninth arrondissement is literally a hub and crossroads of many different sections of the city. One word best describes it: diversity. On one hand, you have a tourist-saturated mix of commerce and business near OpĂ©ra and Galaries Lafayette…

Place Opera At Night
Place Opera

Whereas on the other side of the spectrum, the red light district of Pigalle and Place de Clichy (home of the infamous Moulin Rouge) offers visitors a slightly more “adult” take on bustling nightlife.

Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge

* For something a little different, the thirteenth arrondissement is home to Paris’ China Town and has a very strong Vietnamese populace. If you’re looking for authentic Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, this is the place to go to.

The Thirteenth Arrondissment’s Chinatown

* An honorable mention goes out to the nineteenth arrondissement. Often overlooked, recent developments of La Villette and the Buttes Chaumont park has renewed interest in the area. Parc de la Villette offers a large recreation area with many promenades, cafes and cinemas, and leads up to a technology / human development science park.

Parc de la Villette
Parc de la Villette

Buttes Chamount is perfect for families, with its many lakes, waterfalls, and large green landscapes.

Buttes Chamount
Buttes Chamount

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