Exploring Las Vegas

Most people do not know enough about Las Vegas to know that they are missing something when they just stay at the Casino & gamble. They are happy to see all of the lights on the Strip. They do not think about what else is in the area that they are missing out on. I am not trying to say that people should shy away fro Las Vegas BLVD.. All I am trying to say is that there are many more interesting ways that they can spend their time with a little bit of poker or video slots to compliment the rest of their trip. People come down here & have nothing but gambling on their mind. They get off of the plane & the fun starts right there. They have a mini casino at the airport. I mean, let’s be real, how long were they going to hold off on that while the rest of the state was raking it in. It was the natural progression in a place where everything right down to the grocery stores have slot machines.

Many people get off of the plane with a certain budget that they are planning on gambling & lose it all before they claim their baggage. This is not the case all of the time but if it happens once it is really to many times wouldn’t you say? I’ve learned that when I am going to Vegas I have to grab my bags & get out of the airport as soon as possible because I don’t want to spend my whole trip right there. The first time I got off of the plane in Las Vegas I sat down & spent $100.00 in about 5 minutes. I sank another $100.00 in & took about 45 minutes to spend it because I lowered my bet significantly from where it was when I started. Did you know many of those so called penny slots in Vegas can take $3.00 or more per spin.

After losing in the airport that time I stopped playing there. It just seems like such a waste when I know what there is to do around this city. If you know where to look you can enjoy just about anything you like within 45 minutes of Las Vegas. You can make it up to Mount Charleston for a ski during the winter. You can head down to Lake Mead for some boating or beach fun. You can head up to red rock canyon for a day trip of mountain climbing. You can even head over to the Indian reservation & purchase big fireworks to set off right there on site. If you know what to look for there are a lot of non-Strip related activities!

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