Exploring Las Vegas II

Just because there are so many things to do in the general area of Las Vegas does not mean that you should totally ignore the Strip altogether. Please remember that there is world class food & entertainment on the strip all of the time. I want everyone reading this page to listen very closely. It is my strong recommendation that you do no spend all of your time gambling. Rather enjoy some of the first rate activities that are closely related to the new Las Vegas which is so much more fun. When I got here I spent a lot of time gambling just like everyone else. It was not until I had grown bored of that particular pattern of abuse that I finally found the best of Las Vegas.

I mean the rest of Las Vegas of course. I have seen so many Broadway style shows right here at home. They are always bringing the next big thing to town & showing it. The best part is that the shows are actually very reasonably priced. I could never afford Broadway every week but in Vegas it seems normal. I also spend a lot of time eating here. I know how that sounds but if you have ever been to Las Vegas you know what I am talking about. There are buffets everywhere that are filled with fantastic fresh foods delights. On top of the buffets around town there are several world class 5 star restaurants that are also here. You would be hard pressed to find a better assortment of food or entertainment any where else in the world.

In addition to these wonderful activities there are things around town that you can not see too many other places. I will give you an example or 2 just to satisfy your curiosity. Right in the middle of the Strip in Las Vegas there is a restaurant with a golden calf statue right outside of the door on the corner of the street. How about taking an elevator up 110 stories & going on some carnival rides. You can eat dinner up there at the restaurant called “The Top of the World” or even better yet jumping off of that perfectly fine building & free falling to the ground below. That is right jump off of a perfectly fine 110 story building & free falling to the ground below. It’s all safe of course & I have been told that it is a great time to be had by all but I doubt it & still have not tried it. One day I will have enough drinks to build up the courage required to try that out, maybe. Then again, maybe not! Who really knows until the time arrives.

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